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How to Get the Best Long-Lasting Backpacks in Singapore

In the busy city-state, where old and new mix and city life is usual, having a strong and lasting backpack isn't just handy – it's...

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How to Organise Kids' Backpacks for Daily Homework Success

Organising kids' backpacks is vital for academic success. Without proper organisation, parents and children alike encounter significant challenges that can disrupt the educational journey and...

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Puttot: The Toy Store Singapore Chooses for Safety, Quality, and Imagination

Welcome to Puttot, a magical place where toys aren't just toys – they're gateways to worlds of wonder, learning, and fun. Have you ever walked...

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From Animal-Themed Backpacks to Creative Water Bottles: Exploring Trixie's Bestsellers

Puttot is not just any ordinary toy shop. It's a treasure trove where dreams come alive for kids. Nestled among its many gems is Trixie,...

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How To Choose A Sustainable Kids Water Bottle in Singapore

For moms and dads, there's hardly anything more fulfilling than taking care of our kids and looking after the world they will get one day....

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How to Care for Your Kid’s Small Backpack: Maintenance Tips for Longevity

When it comes to your child's small backpack, nurturing its condition is more than a routine – it's an investment in their adventures. Discover why...

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Adorable Mini Backpacks for Kids: A Parent's Ultimate Buying Guide

In the colourful world of parenting, few things are as delightful as watching your child eagerly sling a miniature backpack over their tiny shoulders. Mini...

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Discovering the Best of OOLY: Art Supplies Revolutionising Creativity in Singapore

In the bustling heart of Singapore, a wave of artistic flair is sweeping across classrooms, studios, and homes. At the centre of this creative surge?...

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The Essential Guide to Kids’ Water Bottles for Health-Conscious Parents

Hydration is a fundamental aspect of our health and is especially crucial for our children. As parents, we want to ensure that our little ones...

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