Discover the Best Kids Toy Brands in Singapore: Quality, Safety, and Wonder

Discover the best baby toy brands in Singapore – exclusivity at Puttot! With our large collection of children’s products in the form of stationery, accessories, childcare articles, games, toys and much more, you are sure to find something your child would like.

We offer only the best kids’ brands, and while we are confident that your child will enjoy our existing collection, if you are looking for a unique brand, do reach out to us – we are constantly on the lookout for new irresistible kid’s brands too!

Best Baby Toys Brands Singapore Has to Offer

Some of the best baby brands we currently carry include: Moulin Roty, Trixie, OOLY, Quut, Filibabba, Calico Sun and Loki. Each of these brands has its own line of products. For example, OOLY is widely known for providing top-quality stationery for kids like paint brushes and colouring books. Moulin Roty is a French brand extremely popular for their range of soft plush toys mainly for toddlers. Quut is known for its award-winning sand and water toys.

Loki, on the other hand, offers mostly educational board games. These are stylish and trendy imaginative board games that help to develop your child’s skills and abilities. Calico Sun is all about stylish accessories for kids, offering self expression opportunity that fits into their fashion wardrobe.

Each of these brands offers something different and unique, so click on each of the images to learn more about them, or head here for an overview!