From Animal-Themed Backpacks to Creative Water Bottles: Exploring Trixie's Bestsellers

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Puttot is not just any ordinary toy shop. It's a treasure trove where dreams come alive for kids. Nestled among its many gems is Trixie, a brand that hails from Belgium and has won the hearts of many across Europe. But what makes Trixie so special?

Well, imagine a world where animals come to life, not in the jungles or forests, but right on your back! Trixie's backpacks, adorned with playful designs like Mrs. Cat, Mr. Dog, and the magical Mrs Unicorn, are more than just bags. They're companions for little adventurers, ready to embark on daily journeys, be it to school, the park, or a friend's house.

But Trixie continues. They've taken the simple act of drinking water and turned it into a fun experience. Staying hydrated with their creative water bottles becomes an exciting part of the day.

In this article, we'll journey through the enchanting world of Trixie's bestsellers at Puttot. So, buckle up, and let's dive into a universe where imagination knows no bounds!


The Essence of Trixie

Trixie isn't just about creating things that look good. There's a deeper story behind every product they craft. Have you ever wondered why kids can spend hours talking to an imaginary friend or believe they can fly with a simple cardboard box? It's because children have a boundless imagination, and Trixie gets that.

The brand's philosophy is simple yet profound: celebrate the endless world of children's imagination. When a child puts on a Trixie backpack, they're not just carrying their books; they're setting off on an adventure with their animal companion. When they sip from a Trixie water bottle, it's not just about quenching thirst; it's a moment of joy.

But Trixie's commitment goes beyond just fun. They care deeply about our planet. In a world where throwaway culture is becoming the norm, Trixie stands out. They choose high-quality materials for their products, ensuring they last long. This means that a Trixie backpack or bottle isn't just for one child, but can be passed down, creating memories for generations.

In essence, Trixie is more than a brand. It's a promise - a promise of quality, sustainability, and endless fun. And at Puttot, this promise comes alive, waiting for young adventurers to discover it.


Spotlight on Bestsellers

Let's take a closer look at some of Trixie's standout products that have made waves at Puttot and beyond.

Animal-Themed Backpacks


Imagine walking into school with a friendly cat or a cheerful dog on your back! Trixie's backpacks aren't just about carrying stuff; they're about making a statement. Each design, be it the elegant Mrs. Cat, the playful Mr. Dog, or the mystical Mrs. Unicorn, tells a story. These backpacks are spacious, durable, and, most importantly, they're bundles of fun!


Creative Water Bottles


Drinking water has never been this exciting! Trixie's water bottles come in designs that match their backpacks. So, if you've got a Mrs. Cat backpack, why not pair it with a Mrs. Cat water bottle? These bottles are designed to be leak-proof, easy to clean, and perfect for kids on the go.


Other Notable Products


But the magic doesn't stop with backpacks and bottles. Trixie has a whole range of products that kids adore. From gentle rattles for babies to imaginative wooden toys for older kids, there's something for everyone. Each product is made with care, keeping in mind both fun and functionality.

In the world of children's products, it's easy to find things that look good. But finding something that looks good, lasts long, and brings genuine joy? That's a bit rare. And that's where Trixie shines, making it a favourite not just in Europe, but right here at Puttot.


Trixie's Contribution to Puttot's Collection

When you think of Puttot, you think of quality, creativity, and a touch of magic. It's a place where only the best brands find a home, and Trixie fits right in.

Shared Values

Both Puttot and Trixie believe in giving kids more than just products. They offer experiences. While Puttot curates the best from around the world, Trixie brings European charm and quality. Together, they create a blend that's hard to resist.

Beyond Just Fun

Sure, Trixie's products are fun, but they're also educational. A backpack isn't just a bag; it's a way for kids to express themselves. A water bottle isn't just for drinking; it teaches kids the importance of staying hydrated. Every Trixie product, in its own way, helps kids learn and grow.

Sustainability Matters

In today's world, it's not enough to create products that people love. It's also essential to think about our planet. Trixie's commitment to using high-quality materials means less waste. Their products aren't just for now; they're for the future. And Puttot, with its focus on curating the best, ensures that brands like Trixie get the spotlight they deserve.

In the grand tapestry of brands that Puttot showcases, Trixie is a shining star. It represents what Puttot stands for - quality, creativity, and a touch of magic. And as you explore Trixie's range, you'll realise it's not just about products; it's about moments, memories, and a bit of childhood magic.


The Broader Picture: Puttot's Dedication to Excellence

When you step into the world of Puttot, you're not just exploring a store; you're embarking on a journey. A journey that showcases the best of what the world has to offer for our young ones. And Trixie is a shining example of this commitment.

A Legacy of Quality

Founded in 2017, Puttot wasn't just another name in the market. It was a promise. A promise to bring the finest, most unique toys and gifts to the children of Southeast Asia. And over the years, they've done just that. With brands like Trixie in their collection, Puttot ensures that quality is never compromised.

More Than Just Products

At Puttot, it's not just about selling items. It's about curating experiences. Every brand, every product is handpicked, ensuring it aligns with Puttot's core values. Trixie, with its emphasis on imagination, quality, and sustainability, perfectly embodies these values.

A Global Perspective

While Puttot is deeply rooted in Singapore, its vision is global. By collaborating with international brands like Trixie, Puttot brings a touch of global charm to local shores. It's a melting pot of cultures, designs, and ideas, all under one roof.

Looking Ahead

The journey doesn't end here. Puttot's team is always on the move, searching for the next big thing in the world of children's products. They're in constant dialogue with brands worldwide, ensuring that their collection remains fresh, vibrant, and ahead of the curve.

While Trixie is undoubtedly a gem in Puttot's collection, it's also a testament to Puttot's unwavering commitment to excellence. It's a reminder that when passion meets purpose, magic happens. And at Puttot, this magic is waiting for every child, every parent, to discover and cherish.


The Magic of Trixie and Puttot's Promise

As we journey through the vibrant aisles of Puttot, one thing becomes clear: it's a place where dreams take shape, and imagination runs wild. And at the heart of this wonderland is Trixie, a brand that encapsulates the joy of childhood.

A Symphony of Creativity

Trixie isn't just about colourful backpacks or quirky water bottles. It's a symphony of creativity, where every product sings a song of joy, adventure, and discovery. From the gentle rattle of a toy to the soft fabric of a backpack, Trixie ensures that every note is perfect.

Puttot's Unwavering Commitment

But the magic doesn't end with Trixie. Puttot's commitment to bringing the best to its customers is evident in every corner of its collection. Whether it's the meticulous selection process or the emphasis on quality, Puttot stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of children's products.

A Journey of Discovery

Every time a child picks up a Trixie product from Puttot, they're not just getting a toy or an accessory. They're embarking on a journey. A journey of discovery, where every day brings new adventures, new stories, and endless fun.

Embracing the Future

As we look ahead, the partnership between Trixie and Puttot promises even more wonders. New products, new designs, and new experiences await, ready to enchant the next generation of dreamers and explorers.

In the end, it's not just about products or brands. It's about moments. Moments of joy, laughter, and wonder. And as we close this chapter, one thing is certain: with Trixie and Puttot, the magic has only just begun.


Embark on Your Trixie Adventure

As we wrap up our journey through the enchanting world of Trixie at Puttot, there's one final thought to share: why wait to experience the magic?

If you've been captivated by the tales of Trixie's imaginative backpacks or their innovative water bottles, now's the time to see them for yourself. Head over to Puttot or visit their store to explore the full range of Trixie products. Each item promises not just quality but a story waiting to be told.

Gift the Magic

Looking for the perfect gift for a young one? Trixie's collection is brimming with options that are both delightful and durable. Whether it's a birthday, a special occasion, or just because, a Trixie product is sure to bring a smile to any child's face.

The world of Trixie at Puttot is not just a collection of products; it's an invitation. An invitation to dream, explore, and rediscover the wonders of childhood. So, why wait? Dive in and let the adventure begin!

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