Polaroid Eyewear: Discover Stylish and Protective Kids Face Shield at Puttot!

Polaroid Eyewear, made in Italy, boasts a robust face shield to protect your loved ones during the pandemic. The Face Shields sit comfortably on your children’s faces and most importantly, keeps them safe from viruses!

Manufactured by Safilo, the leading eyewear expert and specialists in the industry for many branded brands, the Face Shields are guaranteed to be of top-notch quality.

Easy to clean and disinfect, these versatile face shields combine all around protection, with a fit like no other when it comes to comfort!

During the pandemic, Safilo reallocated resources to stop branded wear production and instead used these factories to contribute back and create the face shields. All Face shields are rigorously tested and are PPE approved by European standards.

What's super cool about Puttot is that they've got something for every artistic interest and skill level. Is your kid a budding painter? They've got vibrant sets with brushes, paints, and canvases that'll make their imagination soar. Do they love getting crafty? Puttot's got DIY projects like jewellery-making kits that'll have them designing their own bling in no time.

With Puttot, arts and crafts become an adventure. They've curated a unique variety of products that cater to every interest, from sparkly princess-themed sets to dinosaur-inspired masterpieces. Your little artist can explore different techniques, mix colours, and experiment with textures, all while giggling and having a blast.


Engaging in arts and crafts activities helps children develop creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and self-expression. It also boosts confidence and promotes a sense of accomplishment.

Children can start engaging in simple arts and crafts activities as early as toddlerhood, around the age of 2 or 3. As they grow, they can progress to more complex projects that suit their age and abilities.

Young children can enjoy activities such as finger painting, colouring with crayons or markers, playdough sculpting, collages with cut-out shapes, and simple paper crafts like origami or paper cutting.

Encourage your child to think creatively by providing open-ended materials and allowing them to explore different possibilities. Offer praise and support their ideas and efforts, promoting a positive and nurturing environment.

Safety is important during arts and crafts. Ensure that materials are non-toxic and age-appropriate. Supervise young children when using scissors or other potentially hazardous tools, and teach them proper handling and caution.