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Rocking Scooter by Childhome

Imagination runs wild. Superhero roaming the Wild West or a princess in search of her prince charming, rocking scooter makes playtime magical!

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Mommy Big Bag by Childhome

A fashionable diaper bag. And when it comes to style and functionality, we’ve got you covered. Includes a changing mat in this beautiful mommy bag!

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Wooden Stroller by Childhome

3-in-1 baby push walker, storage and chalk board. Helps your baby build their motor skills, creativity and gives them a sense of movement and coordination.

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La Grande Famille Little Mouse Nini by Moulin Roty

Dressed in an adorable, flowy summer dress, she is a great companion for a day out and won’t even mind if your little one carries her around by her long mousey tail!

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La Grande Famille Fashion Wardrobe Suitcase by Moulin Roty

It’s dress-up time! A wonderful accessory for little ones to role-play with. Mix and match apparel for the many adventures that they are sure to send Sylvain and Nini on!

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Les Papoum Elephant doudou by Moulin Roty

Elephant soother with a sunny disposition is great for little hands. Includes teething ring and a loop for attaching baby's pacifier, making it a perfect travel companion!

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Featuring Evolu high chair

By Childhome


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About Puttot Singapore

Based in Singapore. Puttot Singapore is a baby and kid brands distributor. 

Established by husband and wife to distribute and market international accessible baby and children goods brands that are unique in their own design traits, philosophy and quality. Safety is of utmost importance. 

We act as brand guardian for our partners, growing their brands locally and regionally, where culture and perception is a challenge. Providing our customers with service that is second to none.

Today, the company is a proud exclusive distributor of Childhome, Moulin Roty and OOLY.

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