Puttot Toy Shop: A Blend of Tradition, Innovation, and Passion

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In the heart of Singapore, there's a special place where toys come to life. It's not just any toy shop; it's the Puttot Toy Shop. Imagine a place where yesteryear's toys meet today's coolest gadgets. That's Puttot for you. Founded in 2017, Puttot isn't just about selling toys. It's about bringing joy, learning, and a sprinkle of magic to every child's playtime.

Now, what makes Puttot stand out in a world of toy shops? Their unique blend of tradition, innovation, and, most importantly, passion. They cherish the old-school toys many of us grew up with but also embrace the new, exciting toys that today's kids adore. It's like walking down memory lane while also peeking into the future.

So, if you're curious about a toy shop celebrating the old and the new, you're in for a treat. Let's dive into the world of Puttot and discover what makes it truly special.

The Legacy of Puttot

In 2017, a bright idea sparked in the mind of a lady named Jane. She wasn't just any lady; she was a dreamer, a doer, and someone with a big heart for toys. Jane had travelled the world, learned different languages, and even studied fashion in the grand city of Paris. But her true calling? It was toys.

Jane realised that while many toy shops were around, none had the special touch she envisioned. She dreamt of a place where toys weren't just objects but memories waiting to be made. A place where every toy had a story, and every story was worth sharing.

And so, Puttot was born. It wasn't just another shop on the block but a haven for kids and adults alike. Jane poured her heart and soul into Puttot, selecting only the best toys worldwide. From cuddly teddies that would be a child's best friend to puzzles that would challenge the mind, Puttot had it.

But what truly set Puttot apart was its commitment to tradition. Jane believed that in a world of screens and gadgets, there was still a place for the simple joys of yesteryear. The wooden toys, the board games, the dolls that didn't need batteries. These were the treasures that made Puttot special.

Today, Puttot stands as a testament to Jane's vision. A toy shop that celebrates the past while looking forward to the future. A place where every toy is chosen with love, and every child leaves with a smile.

Tradition Meets Modernity

When you step into Puttot, it's like stepping into a magical time machine. On one side, you'll find toys that might remind you of your grandparents' tales. Classic wooden trains, spinning tops, and dolls that have been lovingly crafted, just like in the old days. These toys don't beep or flash; they're powered by imagination and nostalgia.

But turn your head, and you'll see a different world. Bright, colourful toys that buzz with modern energy. Robots that can dance, art kits that let you create digital masterpieces and games that transport you to virtual worlds. This is the side of Puttot that embraces the wonders of today.

What's impressive is how Puttot brings these two worlds together. It's not about old versus new but celebrating the best of both. Jane and her team understand that while tradition has its charm, innovation has its thrill. And kids? Well, they deserve to experience both.

For instance, you might find a classic board game with a modern twist, making it even more fun. Or a teddy bear that can record and play back your voice, blending the comfort of the past with the present tech.

At Puttot, it's all about balance. It's a place where kids can learn the joys of simple play, like building a tower of wooden blocks, and dive into the latest tech toys that spark their curiosity. After all, why choose between tradition and innovation when you can have the best of both?

The Innovation Behind the Toys

Toys aren't just playthings but tools for learning, growing, and discovering the world. At Puttot, there's a special emphasis on toys that aren't just fun but also cleverly designed. These toys are more than meets the eye; they're all about sparking young minds.

Moulin Roty: A Touch of French Elegance

First up, there's Moulin Roty. Hailing from France, this brand is a master at blending the old with the new. While they have toys that remind us of the good old days, they also sprinkle in modern magic. Their musical toys, for instance, aren't just about tunes; they're about exploring sounds, rhythms, and the joy of music.

Trixie: Wild Imagination Unleashed


Then there's the delightful Trixie from Belgium. If you've ever seen a kid with a cute and functional animal-themed backpack, chances are it's from Trixie. But they continue beyond backpacks. Their range includes everything from rattles to wooden toys, all inspired by the wild imaginations of children.

OOLY: Colour Your World

OOLY is another gem in the Puttot collection. Based in sunny California, OOLY is all about colour and creativity. Their stationery and colouring books aren't just for doodling; they're for expressing yourself, telling your story, and letting your imagination run wild.

Quut: Play Without Limits

quut outdoor float noodle friend

And who could forget Quut? With a name as unique as their toys, Quut is all about open-ended play. Their toys don't come with a set of instructions. Instead, they're designed to be whatever a child wants. Depending on the day's adventure, a simple toy might transform into a castle, a spaceship, or a hidden treasure.

What ties all these brands together is their commitment to innovation. They're not just making toys; they're crafting experiences. They understand that in today's world, kids need toys that challenge and inspire and help them see the world in new ways. And that's precisely what Puttot delivers, one toy at a time.

Passionate About Quality and Safety

When it comes to toys, there's one thing that's more important than fun: safety. At Puttot, this isn't just a buzzword; it's a promise. Every toy on the shelves, every product in the store, is chosen with the utmost care. Because for Puttot, the happiness of a child is priceless.

100% Safe, Always

Have you ever picked up a toy and wondered if it's safe for your little one? At Puttot, you won't have to. Every single toy is tested and checked to make sure it's 100% safe. No sharp edges, no harmful chemicals, just pure, safe fun. It's like a safety net, making sure your child's playtime is worry-free.

Choosing the Best for the Best

But it's not just about safety. It's about quality too. Puttot believes that children deserve the best. That's why they're picky (in a good way!) about the toys they stock. Each toy is chosen for its design, its durability, and its ability to bring joy. Whether it's a cuddly teddy bear or an intricate puzzle, if it's in Puttot, it's top-notch.

Listening to the Experts: You!

What's the best way to know if a toy is good? Ask the people who use it! Puttot values feedback from parents and kids alike. They listen to what you have to say, learn from it, and use it to make their collection even better. After all, who knows better about toys than the kids who play with them and the parents who buy them?

In a world where things can sometimes feel rushed and mass-produced, Puttot stands out. They're not just selling toys; they're selling memories, moments, and a whole lot of love. And with their commitment to quality and safety, you can be sure that every moment is a special one.

Global Connections, Local Impact

Puttot isn't just a name known in Singapore; it's a brand that's making waves across the globe. But even with its worldwide connections, Puttot has a special place in its heart for the local community. Let's dive into how Puttot bridges the world while staying true to its roots.

A World of Toys Under One Roof

Ever wondered where all the fantastic toys at Puttot come from? They're handpicked from all corners of the world! From the elegant designs of France's Moulin Roty to the vibrant creativity of California's Ooly, Puttot brings the world to Singapore. It's like a global toy festival, and everyone's invited!

Spreading Joy Across Southeast Asia

But Puttot's reach doesn't stop at Singapore. They've got friends in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and even India! By sharing their collection with these countries, Puttot is spreading joy, learning, and play across Southeast Asia. It's a big world out there, and Puttot is on a mission to make it a bit more playful.

Local at Heart

With all its global connections, you might think Puttot has gone all international. But at its core, Puttot is still very much local. They understand the unique culture, tastes, and needs of Singaporean families. Every toy, every product, is chosen with the local community in mind. It's this blend of global reach and local touch that makes Puttot truly special.

In the end, it's all about connections. Connecting the world through toys. Connecting families through play. And connecting hearts through shared moments of joy. That's the Puttot way.

The Future of Puttot: What's Next

Every great story has exciting chapters yet to be written, and Puttot's tale is no different. Puttot has been on an incredible journey, bringing joy to countless children and families. But if you think they're stopping there, think again. The future is bright, and there's so much more in store.

For starters, Puttot is always on the lookout for the next big thing in toys. They're in constant talks with brands from all over the world, searching for toys that fit their unique blend of tradition and innovation. So, the next time you visit, don't be surprised if you find a brand-new toy that's set to become the next big hit.

But it's not just about new toys. Puttot is also thinking about new ways to connect with the community. Maybe it'll be fun workshops where kids can test out the latest toys. Or perhaps special events where families can come together and celebrate the magic of play.

And let's not forget about expansion. With Puttot's growing popularity in Southeast Asia, who's to say they won't pop up in more countries? The world is vast, and Puttot is ready to explore every corner.

In the end, the future of Puttot is all about dreams, passion, and a never-ending love for play. With their dedication and vision, there's no doubt that the best is yet to come. So, here's to the future, to more toys, more joy, and more unforgettable moments with Puttot.


As we come to the end of our journey through the world of Puttot, it's clear to see why it's not just any toy shop. It's a place where memories are made, where dreams come to life, and where every toy tells a story. From its humble beginnings in 2017 to its growing presence across Southeast Asia, Puttot has always stayed true to its mission: to bring joy, learning, and a touch of magic to every child's life.

It's the blend of tradition and innovation that sets Puttot apart. The classic toys that take us on a trip down memory lane, combined with the modern wonders that spark our imagination. It's a reminder that no matter how old we get, there's always a child inside us, waiting to play and explore.

But more than the toys, it's the passion behind Puttot that truly shines. The dedication to quality, the commitment to safety, and the genuine love for bringing happiness to children and families. It's this heart and soul that has made Puttot a beloved name in Singapore and beyond.

So, the next time you're looking for the perfect toy, a gift that's sure to delight, or just a place to relive the joys of childhood, remember Puttot. Because at Puttot, every day is a celebration of play, and everyone's invited.

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