The Importance of Toys for Kids Playtime

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In the post, we are going to explore the importance of toys for kids playtime, and how toys play (pun intended) a big part in contributing to the benefits of healthy playtime.


The Importance of Kids Playtime

There are many benefits to playtime in general, the most important being the development of a child in many different areas. It promotes cognitive, emotional, physical and social well-being and a good chance for parents to fully engage with their child.

Kids playtime also seeks to balance out a child’s life and introduces creative play by using their imagination and dexterity. It healthily develops the brain by engaging and interacting with the world at an early age while exploring, mastering and eventually conquering their fears through pretend play mimicking adults.

Through play, children begin to become competent, boost their confidence and learn to be resilient which can help overcome challenges in the future. They learn to work in groups, share, negotiate and resolve conflict. When given free rein, they can make decisions, pace themselves and begin to understand their interests and pursue their passions more deeply.

Kids playtime helps to foster an active lifestyle reducing obesity in children and is an overall fun activity to engage in.


Importance of Toys for Children

Educational toys for children help them develop different skills like problem-solving, cause and effect and developing motor skills. During a child’s first year, problem-solving toys stimulate their senses and promotes hand-eye coordination. They start figuring out how toys work through guidance and trial and error.

In a child’s second year, they start to learn balance and coordination when they start to discover how to move around. Kids start to recognise different themes such as animals and learn their names and the sounds they make. Their language skills also improve by repeating shapes, colours and names associated with the relevant theme.

After the ages of 2, children tend to be more active, so learning about how to use toys safely is important. Parents may introduce toys to kids that encourage cognitive skills like drawing or writing as well as numeracy and literacy skills.


Different Types of Toys for Babies & Kids

There are cause and effect toys that teach logic and focus. It is a basic understanding that if you perform an action, you get a result. The Stack Up Cubes come with different themes like landscapes, numbers and words which teaches counting and the motor skills needed to assemble them.

Puzzles build your concentration, allow children to think tactically and embrace social skills. This Pocket Puzzle is an exciting brain teaser that keeps your child entertained for hours on end. It aids concentration and focus while improving their IQ. The challenges also test a kid’s patience and skills. The Wooden Beads Maze refines a child’s motor skills and is great stacking fun while figuring the maze out. 

Developmental toys can be building toys, musical games and toys, life toys, wheels and dolls, action figures and puppets. For example, this charming wooden Weekend Car encourages imagination and creativity through role-playing. Little Brume is an ideal companion to cuddle and take anywhere. 

Sensory toys for babies stimulate different parts of the brain when auditory and visual senses are activated such as the flashing of lights or the emitting of sounds. The Storytelling Flashlight projects stories on the wall by switching on the lamp and rotating the interchangeable discs with your fingers. As your child grows, they will be able to do this themselves. The Jungle Maracas is easy for children to grasp in their tiny hands and is a fun way to learn rhythm and movement.

Food toys teach children about maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthily and preventing diseases later on in life. Kids can recreate tea parties and cooking scenarios which allow them to become curious and learn about the different types of food out there. It may also help fussy eaters understand ingredients better. What better than a Groceries Set to play pretend, develop social interaction and enhance language skills. This Bamboo Dish Set is perfect for friends to gather and share a meal. 


Safety Tips for Kids Toys

Kids playtime is an essential part of their life however should be done with caution when playing with toys. For example, it is crucial to read the warnings and instructions on the label and packaging before use.

It is also important to buy toys that are appropriate to a kid’s age as using a toy meant for an older child might prove harmful to babies and toddlers. In the same way, if you gift a toy to an older child, they might find the toy for toddlers and babies boring and not very useful in furthering their developmental skills.

For sensory toys, be sure that the light or music is not loud and too bright. Opt for mellow and soothing music and appropriate light that won’t damage or hurt a child’s eyes or ears.

Here is a checklist of things to look out for when determining if a toy is safe for your baby or child:

  • Be sure to check for protruding sharp edges before letting a child play with a toy. They might unknowingly harm themselves if there are rigid or dangerous parts.
  • Toys like marbles are not appropriate for young children as they might put them in their mouths which can cause choking.
  • Art materials such as crayons and paint sets for craft projects should be certified safe for children before use.
  • Toys with wheels should be accompanied by safety gear. Helmets and protective padding must be worn when using bicycles, skateboards, scooters and tricycles.
  • Parents should teach their children how to use a toy safely instead of letting them interpret it on their own.
  • Batteries should be secured safely so that children do not have access to them.
  • Avoid toys with loose strings, ribbons or cords as they can easily tangle around children’s necks causing strangulation.
  • Toy guns or shooting objects are hazardous as aiming them at another child and shooting plastic pellets can cause injury to the eye and even choking if a kid were to swallow a pellet.
  • A parent should always supervise during kids playtime to ensure children are being safe while having fun.

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