The 6 Best Gifts for Kids and Babies This Year

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There are a whole plethora of reasons why you might buy a gift or present for children, and why these are the 6 best gifts for kids and babies this year. Be it their birthday, 1-month celebration, Christmas or just to be a favourite aunt or godparent, the reasons are aplenty. Children have their own individual ideas, tastes and expectations in the art of receiving gifts so let us look at the best gifts for babies.

The following 6 gifts for kids are great and beneficial for anyone thinking of buying a present for the next holiday season or even all year round. The products include novelty toys and design, good quality items that are imported from far and wide which are durable, safe and promotes creativity and thinking.


 6 Best Presents for Children This Year

Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden toys have a traditional and sentimental feel to them. They are also coming back in fashion as gift-givers seek out a different balance to the high-tech and modern toys children own these days.

Some of the benefits of wooden toy presents for kids are for them being good for the environment, having educational qualities while being able to concentrate better as well as the durability and longevity of the toy. It ignites a child’s imagination and promotes social interaction. Most importantly, wooden toys are safe.

For example, a colourful, wooden pull toy is a great present for kids and helps to develop a child’s motor skills.

Music boxes are an adorable gift for a baby’s christening, birthday or Christmas. It sets to entertain and is extremely thoughtful and sweet.

A wooden grocery set allows a child to get his imagination going. They can be filled full of wonder and creativity playing pretend scenarios and imitating their parents fixing things around the home. These toolsets are brightly coloured, can be stored away neatly and portable to carry anywhere around the house.

Wooden games such as a beads maze or balancing toy will keep a child entertained for hours by putting together the parts in the correct order. Besides being colourful and safe due to the amazing design, it also increases hand-eye coordination and stimulates a child well enough to recognise different sizes, shapes and colours.


Soft Toys for Children

Soft toys bring comfort for most babies and kids. They are plush and cuddly to sleep with and although it may be argued that educational and electronic toys offer more value, soft toys and stuffed animals are also very beneficial to a child. They develop sensory skills, emotional growth, social skills all while managing their emotions. They are usually a child’s first friend and can help cope with changes as they are a familiar constant in their lives even as the world around them evolves. Take care to choose an age-appropriate toy that is safe and functional as well as appealing.

To build better coordination, a baby ball is an excellent choice as they learn how to grab, throw, catch and roll. It is can also be used both indoors and outdoors and is fun and bright to play with.

A musical pull-string toy is a combination of reassurance at bedtime and a sweet melody to put your child right to bed. It awakens kids auditory senses and is a stimulating early learning toy. It is also soft to the touch and made of washable material for hygienic purposes.


Puzzles and Games for Kids

Puzzles and games are one of the best gifts for kids; they create a fun learning opportunity for children. It helps develop finger strength, perseverance and problem-solving skills. A child can learn to turn, flip and wriggle puzzle pieces as well as pick up, move and twist them into place. They begin to analyse pictures more carefully and start to notice the differences and similarities. This helps with memory retention and encourage a child to work on a plan or recognise an idea they might have while positively challenging them.

A brain teaser pocket puzzle is suitable for both adults and kids alike, aiding their concentration and focus to solve the puzzle. It also develops creative thinking and improves their IQ while teaching them to solve problems. It is also an excellent test of your patience and skills as you try to manoeuvre this challenge.

A mini-puzzle which is pocket size is so convenient to bring along anywhere especially while the adults are busy or need some time to themselves. Puzzles are timeless and also develops a child’s observation skills.

Stacking Cubes encourages counting and wordplay by assembling different cubes upwards or inwards.


School Bags for Children

There are various types of items to carry a kid’s belongings around such as backpacks, satchels or even pencil cases. One of the benefits that a school bag encompasses is that it carries everything in one place. School bags can be stylish and fun, exciting for a child to go to school and even learn.

Backpacks and satchels are a cute and fun gift to prepare a kid for his first adventure to school. It is comfortable to carry around and adjustable to suit different children’s heights and sizes. It is spacious and allows sufficient room to carry around all a kid might need. It also provides a name tag so the child can easily identify their backpack. To keep it clean, the material is safe to use in the washing machine.

Pencil cases are a great accompaniment to school bags. They are creatively designed and big enough to carry and organise your stationery all in one place.


Baby Rattle Toys

There are many kinds of baby rattles to choose from, ranging from different materials to characteristics. They can be brightly coloured and uniquely shaped, utilising various instruments to make common sounds such as jingling. Rattles can also be a source for babies to visually track a moving rattle improving eye coordination.

Rattles can also encourage movement in a baby, placing it just out of reach so they are motivated to squirm, wriggle or even crawl their way to grab the rattle. It also helps a baby understand movement control when shaking the rattle to create a sound.

A rattle that provides a different kind of texture like using paper to produce crinkling noises.  

Squeaker rattles are an original that is beautifully and colourfully, cylindrically designed so that babies can strengthen their grasp the more they use them.

A soft rattle is a plush, velvet sponge that is suitable and comfortable toy gift for babies. It makes the jingle of a bell when shaken to awaken a baby’s audio senses and discover new sounds. It has no problems fitting right into your baby’s tiny hands and comes with a clip to hang onto any stroller.


Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids

Arts and crafts provide a medium for a kid to use his hands for play and be productive at the same time by creating and expressing themselves. It also allows for quality parenting time, creating memories and getting to know your kid a little better and how they think.

Markers are a tool of beautiful colours for drawing and highlighting. You can begin to sketch, colour and write using the dual tip at school or to do your homework to add some fun into learning.

Colour changing markers will always surprise a child when their original colour changes into a mystery colour. Your child will be in constant awe as they see magic transform right before their very eyes!

Gel Crayons are attention-grabbing with their cutesy design. Just add water and use a paintbrush to create a watercolour effect. They are fun to use and easy to clean and sure to be the envy of all their friends.

Wax Crayons are strong and made of the highest quality in different bright and appealing colours. Each crayon is uniquely patterned and can be pulled by a string to reveal more crayons when it wears down which can be very exciting to do for a child.

Watercolours paint and brush is packaged compactly and allow your child’s creative juices to flow when they set brush to work on their masterpiece. It gives a fresh shine and shimmer using metallic sparkle and pops even on darker paper. The case even doubles as a paint palette!

A mini activity kit is something your kid can take anywhere with them. It includes reusable stickers for sustainability as well as an activity book with lots of different sections to make for good play. Best of all, there is no cleanup!

The gem art kit is filled with sparkly gems for decorating and includes a frame as one of the best gifts for kids and babies.

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