How to Choose the Best School Backpack for Going Back to School

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When it is time to go back to school, students and their parents will be busy preparing the different items needed for classes and extracurricular activities.

To ensure that all belongings can be carried securely and safely, the right bag is needed. There are a variety of bags that can be used as schoolbags such as a sling bag or satchel. But, the best schoolbag for children is a backpack.

Frameless backpacks are essentially the most common and simple design where a bag is attached to shoulder straps and consists of the main pocket. More sophisticated designs would vary on the strap design or extra pockets, additional waist, chest, shoulder or back padded straps and even reflective gear for safety purposes at night.

In this post, we will explore how to choose the best backpack for going back to school.


Benefits of a Backpack

Some benefits of using a backpack are:

  1. It allows kids to organize and compartmentalise their belongings better utilising the various pockets.
  2. Comfort is key when transporting belongings from one place to the next. Backpacks allow you to keep your hands free and your belongings safe. You can also bring various items at one go and allows kids to move around more quickly. It is great for travelling as well when kids can bring around their items easily and conveniently when touring.
  3. Backpack safety is essential to keep kids’ belongings securely. They may have valuable items in their backpack which may be difficult and costly to replace. Other types of bags may be easily damaged as they are hand-carried and more susceptible to knocking around while backpacks are padded and are close to the body. They can also be waterproof which keeps kids books and electronic devices dry even as the weather changes.
  4. Backpacks should be ergonomically designed so that weight distribution is equal between both shoulders. Other types of bags may put a strain on one side of a child’s body especially during their growing years. It should not stunt their growth if the bag is not too overloaded.
  5. Backpacks can be carried around for long periods because of their comfort level through padding without experiencing aches or pains. This can be good for kids who take public transport or must walk for long periods.
  6. Backpacks save time. They allow a kid to pack their bags and find things quickly due to the well-organised compartments. It also enables a child to move around faster and more efficiently as opposed to other types of bags.
  7. Backpacks allows a child to locate their items more easily. Because of the different compartments for things like water bottles, wallets or phones, or even passports when travelling or identification, it allows a child to keep track of their things and not chuck everything in one big mess
  8. Backpacks are trendy, especially for school-going children. Almost every kid carries a backpack to school and they want to be fashionable with the latest style.
  9. Backpacks are incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any occasion. Whether you play sports or need to go to school, it is wise to invest in several backpacks to match your varying needs.


Potential Problems

Backpacks can cause muscle aches and strains if they are too heavy or not used correctly. This can cause a child to have backaches and it is recommended that kids carry a maximum of 20% of their body weight.

Their tiny bodies may also shift and bend, pulling a child backwards or forwards and arching them back to keep steady. This tends to cause shoulder, neck and backaches and form an unnatural position in a child.

Carrying the backpack on one strap will cause a child to lean more towards one side to offset the extra weight and cause unnecessary pain and bad posture.

Backpacks with thin and tight straps can also cause numbness and weakness in the arms and hands.

Kids can also be unaware of how much space a backpack takes up as they cannot see their backs. This may cause accidental bumping when manoeuvring through tight spaces.

Children can also trip or fall over backpacks that are left unattended and may get injured should a backpack fall on them. It can cause a child to be off-balance and change the way they walk putting them at risk of falling especially in places like the staircase.


5 Safety Tips when Choosing a Backpack for Kids

  1. Choose a lightweight material so that it doesn’t add to the load of the items in their backpack.
  2. The straps should also be wide and padded for additional comfort and balance as straps that are too narrow may dig into the shoulders. Kids should use both straps instead of slinging them over one shoulder or across the chest as it can cause strained muscles. The straps should be adjusted accordingly to fit the middle of the child’s back rather than hanging low.
  3. Padded backs are also helpful for protecting kids from protruding, sharp objects while a waist belt and multiple compartments help distribute the weight more evenly.
  4. Make sure that kids do not carry over 20% of their body weight and should be encouraged to use their locker or desks to store books where necessary instead of lugging them around back and forth.
  5. Parents should manage the organisation of items like putting the heavier textbooks toward the center of the backpack. It is also important to teach children to bend both knees and grab the backpack with both hands when picking it up to avoid back problems.

Puttot Singapore Pte Ltd offers a range of cute and safe backpacks for kids produced by Trixie from Belgium. These novel backpacks feature shoulder straps that are padded and adjustable and the bag has a short handle at the top for a kid to hold or hang up easily. The chest strap keeps the bag centered and in place, avoiding the straps from falling off.

Each bag has a large compartment as well as a small front pocket to store snacks or items you may wish to access easily. It comes with a zipper that is convenient for a kid to use on his own. A name tag inside the bag allows anyone to return the bag if lost. The bag is water repellent and the material is washing machine friendly although the more you wash it, the less repellent it may become.

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