Best Gift Cards for Birthday Gifts and Celebrations in Singapore

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It is a constant challenge to buy the right present for birthdays and celebrations for kids. As such, purchasing items that the kids and parents will like and use is easier said than done. Sometimes, it is very necessary to be mindful of what gifts you buy for kids as some parents may have certain rules about what their children play with or use.

Parents and gift-givers alike will also have to deal with the disappointment a kid faces if they do not get a gift that meets their expectations. This can often be linked to love, happiness and fulfilment which may be a source of conflict for parents and the person who bought it, when children do not receive the right gift.

There is also a social and personal pressure that comes with gift-gifting. If not done right, it may cause additional stress, shame, guilt and fear to parents and the person who is buying it as they may feel that they have ruined the child’s experience or memory and let them down. Children’s behaviours like tantrums and sulking can further lead to the gift-giver and parents feeling bad about themselves or that a child doesn’t love them.


Physical and Electronic Gift Cards and How they Work

Gift cards provide you with the opportunity to purchase them online from various retailers. All you need to do is pick who the lucky recipient is, and the gift card will be directly delivered to them.

Next, you would want to browse the many retailers out there and when you land on that perfect choice, you can then begin to create your personalised gift card immediately.

Choose a delivery method such as through email or you may also have the option of receiving the physical gift card via post or courier which can be packaged nicely in a fancy envelope and wrapping.

Finally, make the purchase online securely using a credit card. It is that simple and takes you minutes from start to finish!

To redeem the gift card, you will need to head down to the chosen retailer and use the gift card when making payment. You do not need a smartphone or computer to utilise the gift card as you can print it out beforehand or just bring along the physical gift card to the store. Just be sure to use it within the expiry date!

Similar to a gift card, an electronic gift card is a hybrid between an electronic and physical voucher. It is delivered via email instantly and the recipient can choose when they would like to claim their vouchers by clicking on a link with their desired delivery details and the physical voucher will be sent out to them.

The email should come with a set of instructions that someone has gifted them an electronic gift card and they will need to redeem it following the provided steps.


7 Different Gift Cards for Kids in Singapore

  1. Udders make a delicious treat for kids with a sweet tooth and serve tasty ice-cream flavours like Mao Shan Wang and Singapore Chendol. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as the ice cream is not heavy on sugar and cream which means less hyped-up kids. Another great reason why this would make good ice cream is that there are no artificial flavouring, colouring or sweeteners added to it. You may purchase gift cards for kids on their birthday or even have a celebration there. The gift cards come in denominations of $5 - $50.
  1. Toys “R” Us has the largest range of toys available in Singapore like Barbie and Lego. They are the leading retailer of toys, games, leisure equipment and educational products as well as baby essentials who offer a carefully selected range of quality local and international brands, innovative and exclusive products, engaging loyalty programs as well and an interactive in-store experience that fuels a child’s imagination and inspire learning through play. You may purchase your gift cards for kids at any store and it has a 12-month expiry limit. The choices for a gift are endless here.
  1. Puttot distributes and develops carefully selected premium kid necessities, toys, stationery portfolios with a focus on consistency and a belief that safety and quality are not compromised. The Moulin Roty Magnetic Maze, OOLY Colouring and Activity Kit and Trixie Backpacks are some great items to pick up for children for their birthday and celebration. The gift cards for kids range from $20 - $100 that will be sure to provide endless fun for children.
  1. Lagom Kids encourages children to find themselves through comfort, exploration and experience. Their retail products and activities like the Imagination Kits and Activity Boxes help children explore the world, discover themselves and share their stories. Their gift cards for kids range from $40 - $120 for endless possibilities and potential.
  1. Shopee Singapore hosts multiple sellers around the world for an excellent choice on all products. You can find anything your heart desires on this recognised and reputable platform from daily use to popular gifts such as a One Session Trampoline Pass to a Timeless Teddy Collection Gift Set. Their gift cards for kids are perfect for last-minute gifts.
  1. A Tapir’s Tale is a baby skincare brand made in Japan. It is an opportunity for caregivers to express unspoken signals of love, support and comfort to children and impart a sense of emotional reassurance by contributing to their exceptional experience through products that are nature-derived and skin-soothing without the use of additives. Their products can be used by all skin types even sensitive and atopic skin conditions like the Aqua Gel and Gentle Wash. The gift cards for kids start at $10 -$150 and do not expire.
  1. Hegen enhances the breastfeeding journey for parents all over the world by providing a rewarding experience and building lasting emotional bonds and creating an immense impact on the health of children. It empowers mothers and celebrates life through its products like the Straw Cup and Electric Breast Pump. The gift cards for kids are priced at $50.

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