Puppet World - Christmas *Limited Edition*

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*Limited Edition Collectibles, Limited Quantity!*

The Trixie Christmas Puppet world, a winter wonderland full of imagination. Our Puppet world opens up a whole world of imaginative, open ended play for kids to discover! This fun special edition of animal puppets with cute Christmas accessories sparks children’s creativity and encourages them to tap in their own imagination and create their own stories. Together with these little figurines, kids discover all the joys of imaginative play!

On top of that, children develop a great deal of valuable skills while playing with these puppets. By creating their own stories, children learn how to look at situations from different perspectives. Playing with these fun friends helps them expand their vocabulary and enhance their social skills. The set includes Mr. Fox, Mr. Lion, a snowman, a deer and 8 accessories. Everything you need for hours of fun creating your own winter wonderland!

Dimensions - 29 x 29 x 5 cm
Materials - 100% organic cotton - PES filling
Care - spot clean only

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