Moulin Roty is a French brand that is widely known for the quality of their traditional toys with a signature design and look! Ever since their humble beginnings in 1972, the brand has been a mainstay in the hearts of both babies and parents alike.

With their highly traditional toys and their ideology of creating and producing “yesterday’s toys for today’s children”, they teach toddlers about the toys and games from the past. This concept also allows parents and grandparents to reminisce about the toys from their time all while connecting with their children and grandchildren!

As with any children’s brand, your child’s safety is their priority, and they use only high-quality, gentle materials.

An internationally loved brand, Moulin Roty has 1.5 million products leave the company on journeys all over the world to grace homes both near and far: France, neighbouring countries, Japan, Australia, The United States of America, and many more.

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