The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Baby Hamper in Singapore

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Baby hampers? Not just cute things. They're like magic boxes filled with helpful stuff for new families. Comfy clothes, fun toys, even things to help tired parents relax – like a giant hug in a box. So many baby hamper in Singapore, where do you start? Don't worry! This guide is your friend, helping you find a hamper that makes the new family say "Wow!" We'll show you different types for different budgets, all filled with stuff they'll love. 

About Baby Hampers

Life with a newborn is a whirlwind of cuddles, diaper explosions, and sleep deprivation. A hamper is a soothing oasis, packed with practical goodies to ease those early days.


In the early days of caring for a newborn, the essentials for a smooth journey include eco-friendly diapers and wipes for extra points. Dress your baby in comfy clothes like onesies and sleep sacks made from soft, breathable fabrics – think clouds, not scratchy sweaters. 

Make bath time cosy with gentle shampoo, washcloths, and a hooded towel. Keep your baby entertained during tummy time with play mats, rattles, and mobiles stimulating their limbs and curious minds. Consider adding a personalised book or a handmade toy to the mix for that extra touch of love. 

This must-have collection meets practical parenting needs and adds a warm and affectionate touch to welcoming your new bundle of joy. Explore our baby essentials for a seamless and delightful parenting experience.

Baby Shower Surprise Hamper:

Elevate the excitement at a baby shower by gifting the expectant parents a hamper filled with joy and laughter, packed with fun and practical baby essentials. Delight them with adorable outfits in themed sets like "Jungle Adventure" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," adding an extra element of anticipation to their parenting journey. 

Enhance the baby's early experiences with developmental delights such as sensory toys, teething rings, and engaging board books for those precious first giggles and discoveries. Don't forget to pamper the soon-to-be mom with thoughtful touches like soothing bath salts, a cosy robe, or a self-care kit, providing much-needed relaxation amidst the anticipation. 

Infuse a personal touch by customising the hamper with creative elements like decorated cookies, handmade bibs, or a framed ultrasound photo, making the gift a cherished and memorable part of their parenting adventure. This baby shower surprise hamper is not just a collection of items; it's a heartfelt celebration of the upcoming joyous arrival.

Gender-Neutral Options

Embrace the surprise of not knowing the baby's gender with gender-neutral options that exude timeless charm. Step outside the traditional pink and blue palette. Opt for natural tones like soft greens, yellows, and whites, creating a calming and earthy vibe. 

Dive into the enchanting Animal Kingdom with cuddly toys featuring elephants, giraffes, or adorable bunnies, ensuring an irresistibly cute touch for the little one. Explore classic prints such as stripes, polka dots, and stars – always stylish and gender-neutral. Prioritise functionality by stocking the hamper with practical essentials like muslin blankets, bibs in fun patterns, and unisex diaper bags. Infuse personalised magic into the mix by adding a name tag, an embroidered blanket, or a heartwarming "welcome little one" message, making the gift truly special and inclusive for the growing family. 

Choosing the Right Themes

Picking a theme for your baby hamper? Don't sweat it. We’ll break it down for you:

1. Setting the Stage: Birthday Bash to Baby Shower Bliss

First things first, where's the party at? Are you celebrating a tiny human's first year with a "One Wild Year" extravaganza? Showering soon-to-be parents with "Welcome, Little Star" vibes? Or keeping it sweet and serene with "Blessings & Blankets" at a christening? Knowing the occasion is your theme compass, pointing you towards the perfect gift-giving North Star.

2. Matching Making: From Hipster Owls to Sleek Penguins

But it's not just about the occasion, friend! Those new parents, are they hipsters who swoon over owls or sleek penguins who dig minimalist chic? Matching the theme to their style is like unlocking a secret level of awesome: imagine the gasps of delight when they open a hamper that feels like it stepped straight out of their dreams!

3. Personal Pizzazz: From Stitched Names to Inside Jokes

Now let's sprinkle some personal pizzazz on this party! Imagine: the baby's name stitched onto a cosy blanket, their favourite colours peeking out from playful and soft toys, or maybe even a secret inside joke tucked away for a chuckle between the parents. Feeling crafty? Throw in a hand-knitted beanie or a heartfelt poem for that extra "ooh-aah" factor.

4. Storytelling Themes: Weaving Love and Laughter

Remember, the best themes are like miniature fairy tales, weaving together the occasion, the parents' personalities, and a dash of your own creative magic. It's all about telling a story with your gift, a story that whispers, "We care about you and your tiny adventurer!"

5. Theme Treasure Trove: Pinterest and Beyond!

Feeling a little theme-blocked? Don't fret! Pinterest and Instagram are your theme inspiration gold mines, with dazzling ideas to set your hamper apart. From whimsical woodland creatures to modern monochrome marvels, you'll find themes that sparkle brighter than a disco ball in a baby's room.

Budget-Friendly Options

These tips map the land of delightful baby hampers that won't drain your bank account.

Affordable Hamper Adventure:

  • Pre-made with savings: Who says cheap can't be cute? Check out stores with dedicated budget-friendly hamper sections, often filled with essentials like diapers, wipes, and comfy clothes.
  • Think outside the box (literally): Skip the fancy packaging and focus on practical items. A cute basket or reusable canvas bag can replace expensive boxes, saving you cash and the planet.
  • Seasonal Savvy: Look for hampers with items relevant to the current season. Cosy sweaters and bibs in winter, cute sun hats and teethers in summer – you'll score better deals on in-season items.

Value-Hunting Tips:

  • Comparison is key: Don't just grab the first one you see! Compare prices and contents online and in different stores to find the best value for your money.
  • Discount dance: Keep an eye out for online sales, coupons, and clearance sections. Patience and timing can score you amazing deals!
  • Multi-tasking marvels: Choose items that serve multiple purposes. A blanket that doubles as a play mat, a bib that becomes a burp cloth – save money by finding clever multi-use treasures.

DIY Delight: Craft Your Own Hamper Magic:

  • Channel your inner crafter: Grab a basket or box and personalise it with paint, stencils, or fabric scraps. Add homemade goodies like knitted hats or bibs for a unique and budget-friendly touch.
  • Second-hand savvy: Thrift shops and online marketplaces are treasure troves for gently used baby clothes, toys, and blankets. With a little TLC, you can find adorable items at a fraction of the cost.
  • Community connections: Do you know anyone with older babies? Ask if they have any outgrown clothes or toys in good condition. A gift basket filled with pre-loved goodies can be just as precious (and much cheaper).

Puttot's Soft Toys: Essential Additions to Your Baby Hamper

Introducing Puttot's collection of soft toys, featuring renowned brands such as Moulin Roty and Trixie. These cuddly companions bring joy, comfort, and developmental benefits to the little one's world. Here are two exceptional options from Puttot's selection:

A. Moulin Roty's Collection

Add a splash of excitement to your baby hamper with Les Aventures de Paulie Large Activity Crab! This oversized crustacean is a sensory wonderland, featuring three soft fabrics and a treasure trove of activities like prisms, crinkly textures, a squeaker, and hidden bells. It's a delightful addition to captivate little ones during their aquatic adventures, ensuring hours of joy and developmental exploration. 

Enhance your baby hamper with the Les Moustaches Cat Teething Ring Rattle! This adorable feline friend is crafted with love from both wood and silicone, offering a soothing teething solution for your little one. Designed with an easy-to-grasp shape, it provides comfort for tiny hands while delivering gentle gum relief. The cute kitty face design adds extra joy, making it a perfect addition to your baby hamper for a delightful and functional gift.

Introducing the Trois Petits Lapins Little Travel Activity Toy - Radish, a perfect addition to your baby hamper! This radish-shaped ring rattle is designed for little hands, featuring 8 coloured balls that engage and captivate your baby's attention. With multiple awakening activities like a squeaker, scritch, and dilling, it provides endless entertainment for your little one. The convenient Velcro fastener allows it to be hung anywhere, ensuring playtime is always within reach. 

B. Trixie's Collection

Plush Toy Small - Mrs. Rabbit. Crafted from pure organic cotton, this small plush toy features Mrs. Rabbit, offering hugs and comfort to your little one. Ideal for playtime during the day or as a cosy companion for bedtime, these characterful and colourful animals are made with durable materials. The GOTS certificate ensures that the toys are free from harmful substances, and that the fabric is incredibly soft.

Plush Toy Small - Mr. Dino. Another delightful option from Trixie's collection, Mr. Dino, is a pure organic cotton plush toy. Like Mrs. Rabbit, it provides the baby comfort, joy, and security. The organic cotton material with a GOTS certificate guarantees the absence of harmful substances, making it a safe choice for little ones.

Natural Rubber Grasping Toy - Mrs. Elephant. A natural rubber grasping toy that brings joy and developmental benefits to babies. With a fun shape, texture, and soft touch, these friends offer a multisensory experience, supporting newborns in their explorations with both mouth and hands. Designed for teething and bath time, this 100% natural rubber product is perfect for soothing sore gums during different teething stages. The lightweight design and thoughtful shapes make it easy for babies to grasp, providing comfort and entertainment. An ideal maternity gift and the very first toy for newborns, Mrs. Elephant ensures safe play without worrying about mould growth.

Mini Activity Toy - Mrs. Elephant. The perfect companion for little one's adventures. This mini toy is designed for easy grasping, whether by its small body or cute tail, providing comfort during teething. It's a delightful addition to baby's playtime, offering soothing companionship and tactile engagement.

Including Puttot's soft toys in your baby hamper adds a touch of luxury and a world of sensory exploration and comfort for the newest member of the family. Contact Puttot today to explore more premium baby gift options in Southeast Asia.

Unwrap Joy: Let Puttot Build Your Perfect Hamper

Whether celebrating a newborn's arrival, a baby shower bash, or a special milestone, knowing the essential items, budget-friendly hacks, and trending styles has empowered you to create a truly meaningful gift. Remember, a baby hamper is more than just a collection of cute things; it's a heartfelt gesture of love and support for the new family.

Now, ready to turn your gifting dream into reality? Look no further than Puttot, your trusted gateway to premium baby gifts in Southeast Asia. Puttot isn't just a retailer; it's a treasure trove of exclusive imported toys, adorable apparel, and developmentally-driven delights, unavailable elsewhere. Contact us today and check out more options available.

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