Promoting Outdoor Play and Exercise: Beach Toys to Keep Kids Active

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Have you ever wondered why kids seem to have boundless energy and infectious smiles when they play outside? Well, it's not just about fun – it's about ensuring their physical and mental well-being is at its best!

Discover the world of beach toys – a special tool that can make outdoor play super fun and healthy for your kids. Join us on an exciting adventure to see how beach toys can help your kids play outside more and exercise, turning regular times into awesome adventures.

The Role of Beach Toys in Active Play

When we want kids to play and be active, beach toys are really good at it. They're flexible and make kids move in lots of different fun ways.

1. Encouraging Physical Activity

Beach toys are not just static objects in the sand but also gateways to movement and exercise. These colourful and tactile tools entice kids to get on their feet and interact with their surroundings. 

Consider using a beach shovel and pail to dig deep into the sand; it's a full-body workout for little arms and legs. Or imagine the excitement of chasing a beach ball rolling down the shore – it's a fantastic cardio exercise in disguise.

2. Versatility Beyond the Sandcastle

A cool thing about beach toys is that they work for lots of different outdoor games and stuff. We usually think of them for making sandcastles, but they can do more. Buckets can turn into things for water races, and shovels can be tools for finding hidden stuff in the sand. 

And inflatable toys like rings or floats can be used for fun races and games in the water. Beach toys are really handy for all sorts of outdoor fun.

3. Real-Life Inspiration

Don't forget, beach toys are a great way for kids to have fun and get some exercise. You can tell they work because you'll hear kids laughing and see them having a blast. Just take a walk on any beach, and you'll likely see children playing fun games like beach volleyball, frisbee, or beach paddleball. 

Beach toys make all this fun possible, showing how they help kids be active and have a ton of fun.

Must-Have Beach Toys for Active Kids

When fostering active play during a beach day, choosing beach toys can make all the difference.

1. Beach Balls for Endless Fun

Beach balls are a timeless classic, and for good reason. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and incredibly versatile. Here's why beach balls are a must-have for active play:

Benefits of Beach Balls

Beach balls improve hand-eye coordination, agility, and motor skills. Their bouncy nature encourages kids to move, jump, and dive to keep the ball in the air.

Game Ideas

Beach balls can be used for different active games. Whether it's a game of beach volleyball, a friendly game of catch, or a creative variation of "keep the ball up," beach balls are the perfect companions for active beach fun.

Durability and Safety

Most beach balls are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand hours of play. Additionally, their soft, inflatable nature makes them safe for kids of all ages, reducing the risk of injury during play.

Puttot proudly offers high-quality and sturdy beach toys that are perfect for kids, ensuring they can enjoy countless hours of fun in the sun without worrying about wear and tear.

2. Sandcastle Building Sets for Creative Workouts

Sandcastle building sets are tools for creating intricate structures in the sand and instruments for imaginative and physically engaging play. Here's how they contribute to active fun:

Stimulating Physical and Creative Skills

Sandcastle building sets encourage kids to squat, dig, shape, and mould, promoting physical activity while stimulating their creative thinking and fine motor skills.

Organising Contests and Exercises

Setting up friendly sandcastle competitions can turn a day at the beach into a kind of mini-Olympics. Playing games like who can build the tallest sandcastle or the coolest moat adds some fun competition and gets everyone up and active.

Durable and User-Friendly

Look for sets made from sturdy, non-toxic materials that are easy for little hands to grip. Durability ensures that these sets can withstand rigorous use during extended beach play.

3. Water Toys for Refreshing Exercise

Water toys add extra excitement to beach days, especially on hot summer afternoons. Here's how they contribute to active play:

Showcasing Water Toys

Water guns, inflatable floats, and water noodles are just a few examples of water toys that can turn the beach into a refreshing playground.

Water-Based Games and Exercises

Water guns can inspire friendly water fights and games of target practice, while inflatable floats can be the centrepiece of imaginative adventures on the water. Water noodles can serve as floating aids or even props for water aerobics.

Safety First

It's crucial to emphasise safety precautions regarding water play. Always ensure children are supervised, and choose water toys that are age-appropriate and designed with safety in mind.

Safety Considerations

While the focus is on fun and active play, ensuring the safety of children with beach toys during beach outings is paramount. 

1. Essential Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Play with Beach Toys

Know the Beach Rules

Familiarise yourself with specific beach rules or regulations, such as designated swimming areas, lifeguard locations, and prohibited activities. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a safer environment for play.

Beach Conditions

Before setting up your play area, assess the beach conditions, including water currents and tides. Avoid areas with strong winds and ensure your children know potential hazards.

First Aid Kit

Always have a simple first aid kit with items like band-aids, clean wipes, and any medicine you might need for minor boo-boos or accidents.

2. Sun Protection Tips


Make sure to use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on all parts of their skin that are out in the sun, like their face, ears, and the back of their neck. Reapply sunscreen every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating.

Protective Clothing

Encourage children to wear sun-protective clothing, such as rash guards, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses with UV protection.

Seek Shade

Create a shaded area using an umbrella or beach tent to provide a reprieve from direct sunlight. Make sure children take breaks in the shade to prevent overheating.

3. Hydration Reminders


Bring an adequate water supply to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can occur quickly, especially in the sun, so ensure kids drink water regularly.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

While it's tempting to bring sugary beverages, opt for water as the primary source of hydration. Sugary drinks can lead to thirst and contribute to dehydration.

4. Supervision Recommendations

Constant Supervision

Always supervise children closely, especially when they're playing near the water. Even shallow areas can pose risks, so never leave them unattended.

Water Safety

Teach children about water safety, including the importance of not diving into shallow water, not swimming alone, and respecting lifeguard instructions.

5. Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys

Read Labels

Check the age recommendations on beach toys and choose items suitable for your child's age and developmental stage.

Small Parts

Refrain buying toys with small parts as it could pose choking hazards for younger children.

Safety Certifications

Look for beach toys that meet safety standards and certifications, particularly for inflatable and water-related items.

little girl with pink beach toys at the beach

Puttot takes safety seriously and ensures that their beach and outdoor toys meet all the necessary safety standards and certifications, giving parents peace of mind while their kids enjoy outdoor play.

Encouraging Healthy Outdoor Habits

Encouraging kids to enjoy playing outside isn't just about giving them beach toys. It also means helping them discover the fun in exploring outdoors and moving around. 

1. Motivating Kids to Play Outside Regularly

Lead by Example

Children often emulate their parents' behaviours. Seeing you enjoying outdoor activities makes them more likely to follow suit. Set a positive example by spending time outdoors and engaging in physical activities yourself.

Limit Screen Time

Establish clear screen time boundaries and encourage outdoor play as an alternative. Make outdoor time an exciting opportunity rather than a restriction.

Create Incentives

Offer small rewards or incentives for spending time outdoors. It could be as simple as a special treat or the chance to choose the next outdoor adventure.

2. The Role of Parents in Active Participation

Get Involved

Actively participate in outdoor activities with your children. Whether it's a game of beach volleyball, a sandcastle-building competition, or a family frisbee match, your involvement promotes physical activity and strengthens family bonds.

Provide Guidance

Offer guidance and support when trying new activities. Share your knowledge and skills to make outdoor play more enjoyable and educational.

Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate your child's achievements during outdoor play, whether mastering a new skill, completing a challenging hike, or building an impressive sandcastle. Positive reinforcement encourages a love for physical activity.

3. Family Beach Day or Picnic for Bonding and Outdoor Play

Plan Special Outings

Designate a day for a family beach excursion or a beachside picnic. These outings provide a unique opportunity for bonding while engaging in outdoor play.

Pack a Variety of Beach Toys

Ensure you bring an assortment of beach toys, from active games like beach volleyball to creative tools like sandcastle building sets. Having options keeps the day exciting and dynamic.

Create Traditions

Establish family traditions around outdoor play, such as annual beach Olympics, treasure hunts, or seaside picnics. These traditions create lasting memories and anticipation for future outdoor adventures.

Final Thoughts 

A day at the beach can be an incredible opportunity for kids to have fun, soak up the sun, and engage in active play. Investing in beach toys that encourage physical activity enhances their overall beach experience and promotes healthy development.

Parents, make the most of your beach trips to ensure your kids have a great time and benefit from them. Think about getting beach toys that make them move around, like beach balls, frisbees, sandcastle sets, and other fun things. These toys help kids be creative, work together, and stay active while they play.

If you want great beach toys that your kids will enjoy, check out Puttot's collection. Our beach toys are made to help kids have fun, be active, and create lasting memories under the sun. Contact us and give your children a wonderful beach day filled with play, learning, and memories they'll remember forever.

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