Easy Yet Sustainable Do-It-Yourself Mother's Day Craft

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you prepared a gift?

There are always two groups of people when it comes to getting gifts. Those who struggle to think of what is the best gift and the ones who have already gotten theirs. If you happen to be part of the first group, why not try making one yourself?

Whilst store bought gifts are definitely instantaneous and convenient, handmade gifts are personal and come straight from the heart with the thought, effort and time put into making and perfecting it for the receiver.

Of course, materials for handmade gifts need to be sourced. But, they are almost always perfect for any occasion and are the most special with it being uniquely made by you! Without further ado, let us jump in to our Do-It-Yourself craft!


Egg Crate Flowers


For starters or even the younger kids, here is a very easy yet sustainable Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gift that you can make for Mother's Day!

 You will need:

Cardboard Egg Crate

Colour Paper

Lil' Poster Paint Pods

Lil' Paintbrush Set

Newspaper / Mat


Scissors / Penknife


Cup of Water



1. Cut the egg crate

Cut the egg crate to 4 dents per flower and trim down the sides for a finer looking flower! (Daddy supervision needed for children)


2. Paint your egg crate flower

Go solid or choose patterns and let your inner artist go crazy!

Additionally, if you have a paintbrush set, you can paint on different patterns with the different sized brushes.

Note: Do wash your paint brush in between each colour switch.


3. Paint your chopstick stem (Optional)

For that creative touch, you can paint your chopstick however you like and prop it up on the leftover egg crates or hold it with a paper clip to dry.


While the paint is drying,

4. Fold the colour paper in half and cut out semicircles

The semicircles will unfold to be circles for the center of the flower! (Daddy supervision needed for children)


5. Paste the circle cutout on the center of the egg crate flower

Fold some tape or use double-sided tape, and make sure the paint has dried!

You can also choose to write a little message for a personal touch!


6. Paste the chopstick stem onto the back of the egg crate

To end it all off, secure your chopstick stem with a few strips of tape to ensure its security!


And your final product should look something like this!

Now you have your very own handmade flower, specially made for your mother, by you! Just imagine the sense of accomplishment upon completing your masterpiece, handing it to your dearest mother and seeing the smile on her face.

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